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What Are Shadow People

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 1:30 PM
Shadow Figure or Shadow Person.
 What are they?  

MrB.cr2 During an investigation, have you ever caught a glimpse of some type of dark figure out of the corner of your eye?  This could be what is called a "shadow figure" or person.  Some say that these figures are spirits or ghost of people who have died, but have not yet crossed over.  Others say that they are just lost souls that remain wandering the earth.  Still others say that they are evil and demons, and then there are the skeptics that say it's just a figment of our imagination.  Maybe they are from another dimension coming to take a peek at what we humans are doing. With all the ghost hunter TV shows, horror movies, and stories of ghosts, spirits and the like, it's hard to say if they are real or not.  I myself have even caught a glimpse of a dark figure that stood behind me, only to have it disappear just as fast.  So, was the dark figure a shadow person or just a figment of my imagination?  I don't know for sure.   

As a Paranormal Investigator, I often wonder what a shadow person could possibly want and why they watch us.  I think they are trying to re-establish a time when they were alive or maybe they don't know their gone and I often feel like I am invading their space.   Reports of shadow people sightings regularly come from all around the globe.  Despite the fact that these sightings date as far back as ancient times, there is not much known about this phenomena.   The following information I think we know about this phenomena, even though it has not been proven. 
Alcatraz Ghost PhotoThe Look of A Shadow Person:

Few people report being able to view shadow people straight on.  Usually they are seen in one's peripheral vision.  However, there have been a few reports of people having these shadowy figures walk directly in front of them and interact with them.  There have been many different reports as to their size.  Everything from very small, to larger than a person.  One report that remains a standard is that they have no visible facial features.  Some photographs show shadow people that appear to be clothed in a hooded robe or coat, and in others, they do not appear to be wearing anything. 
 The Characteristics of Shadow People:

The general consensus is that they are mean in nature.  Shadow people sightings are regularly coupled with a feeling of fear and uneasiness.  Additionally, some people have reported feeling extreme anger, agitation, and upset.  Because of the negative associations, many believe that they might be demonic in nature.  None of these characteristics have actually been proven.  I personally think that if you are having these kind of feelings then it is because of the actual feeling you got by either the surprise of seeing a shadow person or because it scared you.  I personally don't think that they are evil or demonic in nature at all.  I think they just have such an emotional attachment to the area that they can't move on.  
Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Most believe that they are not.  This is because their actions differ greatly.  Many ghosts freely make themselves known when possible, while shadow people hang around in the corners and seem to wish not to be seen at all.  This is quite clear due not only to the sighting reports, but also the photographs they are captured in.  Most ghost sightings are connected with either an image of a person, or at the very least, the feeling that the spirit trying to make contact was once human in appearance.  This isn't at all what people say about shadow people.  This could simply be the human opinion that is based on the alarming appearance Shadow People project.  It is natural for people to view a dark figure as something that is not ghostly, especially since the bulk of ghost sighting reports are linked to white, glowing figures?

ghost-shadow-in-doorwaySo what are they then?

 I simply do not know.  While they are certainly here for some reason or another, apparently, they do not want or can, make these reasons known or clear to us. As a Paranormal Investigator I will leave all my options open when it comes to shadow people.  I do think that I would classify these shadow people as ghost and spirits. I don't think that every shadow captured in a picture or video is a shadow person.  I will leave it up to the ghost or spirit. I think when they decide to let us know the answers, they will tell us, but until then I will continue on in my search for the truth. ~ Tracy

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