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Emerald​ Coast  ​Paranormal Concepts E.C.P.C.



Posted on April 27, 2016 at 1:43 PM

As each day passes, I become more knowledgeable about things pertaining to the paranormal. Each day I try and set out to understand maybe, a different point of view, or different idea or theory, or even a different technique. Some of these things are difficult for me to clutch and understand, but that is OK, because I know it is all part of the adventure. There is one thing that I read about almost on a daily basis that I will never understand. I read about cemeteries, historical buildings, being vandalized or left in disarray. I read about homeowners that have requested the assistance of a paranormal team only to have their property damaged or left in disorder with their McDonald’s bags and empty soda bottles or energy drinks. It just astonishes me that this occurs. This act in its self, has nothing to do with the paranormal, it does have everything to do with your character. There have been many books written on the subject of ethics, etiquette, and respect. They tell the proper ways to conduct oneself while attending a social function, a religious ceremony, event, or meal. None of these books actually state how to conduct oneself during a paranormal investigation. I wonder why that is? That topic I will save for another day.  So, I ask you, do we really need a book to tell us that leaving a place in a worse condition than we found it is wrong? I think not. If you feel that you do need some type of direction then please, allow me. This way I can save you some time by not having to look for a book. I so heartily believe that it is a must; I repeat a must for investigators and paranormal teams to make sure we leave a place exactly as we found it. Maybe bring an extra trash bags with you so you can throw all your debris out or take it with you when you leave. Proper ethics would also insure that you and your team members leave things alone that don't belong to you; we need to show the proper respect for our client’s personal belongings. We must not just assume that it is ok to move something without permission and if you do get permission then make sure you move it back when you are done. Listen, we are all adults here, and all this stuff is common sense, and as adults we should know these things already. I cannot believe that this stuff goes on. When you don't respect others belongings, it leaves a real bad image not only for you as a person, but you as a team. Your actions will play a big part in the decision on allowing another team to also investigate that place or area. “Unintended consequences” Now I know you wouldn't want that would you? Do you want to know what is really nice about doings things proper? Well in this case it doesn't cost you an extra dime or time to have some ethics and in turn you leave the doors open for others to continue their research. Showing our clients the respect they deserve for their property in turn shows the client that we are serious about what we are doing. Come on people show some respect and use the manners you were taught at an early age.  

Categories: Thoughts