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Making the right choice

Posted on April 20, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Making the right choice.

 As the team leader for our team, I often have to make choices. I try to consider , if the call I am going to make, is one filled with the right principles, reasons and purposes for our team. I mull over the decision and try and make the right call for our journey. Like some of you, I sometimes can feel things when we are investigating, I don't feel them all the time just sometimes and some of these are more intense than others. I really wish there was some way to explain these things to others without sounding like I am wacky. I am having a wee bit of a dilemma with a choice that I made on Sunday night during our investigation. While in the attic of one of the houses, we came in contact with something that seemed very angry and not so nice. I am not saying it was evil in the demonic sense, but more like it was pissed because we were up there. All I could see in my head was this spirit pacing back and forth with his hands clinched. So here is my dilemma. I did not mention this to any of the team because the team was so excited about being on this investigation. I didn't want them to miss out on a chance to possibly collect some valuable information. So I said lets continue. We had some things tossed our way. These things could have hurt someone if they would have made contact. After the first item was thrown (a small 24 volt transformer) I could see everyone was visibly shaken by this experience. As I look back now I probably should have said let's leave, but I didn't. I decided to see if it could do it again. I found to be angry myself, I don't know why I just was. I actually heard myself on the video getting more and more angry. I told it to do it again and this time it tossed a ceramic coffee cup and it landed at my feet. It was at this time I decide it was time to go. I know, I know, you are saying get to the point. Well my point is this. I think, I made a poor choice by allowing my overwhelming curiosity for the truth cloud my judgment. I feel as if I may have put my team in harm's way. I know there are so many variables to this following question, but was the right choice made and if you felt the way I did when we went up there would you have continued? ~ Tracy

Categories: Thoughts