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Drinking While Investigating

Posted on April 20, 2013 at 10:56 AM


 Drinking While Investigating

 My question is, do you allow members or guest of your team to consume alcohol beverages right before or during the scope of the investigation—i.e., “drinking on the job".  If you do, then please explain to me why you would.  I personally think, allowing your staff to drink on the job is the ultimate act of stupidity, irresponsibility, and disrespect for the welfare of your team and your client. Not only that, alcohol affects judgment and impairs one’s ability to rationalize or perform a function that requires effectual understanding or quick reaction. “Misreading” a situation is ordinary for anyone consuming alcoholic beverages, regardless of the amount consumed. Making a judgment call, responding to a pressure situation, can only be done with a clear mind. Alcohol is not a “performance enhancer”; but a sedative that affects the body almost immediately. Alcohol in your bloodstream affects your prefrontal cortex: the part of your brain responsible for logic and judgment. When it is sedated by alcohol, fears that would normally prevent you from performing certain actions are also sedated. This is why some people often refer to alcohol as "Liquid Courage." Alcohol depresses your nervous system and impairs your ability to process information. Your sense of judgment suffers and you are inclined to behave in ways you would not normally behave. People who suffer from loss of judgment due to alcohol often overstep boundaries, make poor decisions, exhibit loud and obnoxious behavior, and demonstrate emotional irrationality. I would even go so far as to say that most could have one drink and not really be affected as long as that one drink was not a gallon of Kentucky's finest. With all the effects that alcohol has on our bodies and minds, and with all the things we may encounter during an investigation, I would just assume that drinking during or right before an investigation would be highly discouraged, Am I wrong. or what ~ Tracy

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