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Emerald​ Coast  ​Paranormal Concepts E.C.P.C.


Showing respect to those that have passed.

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 9:24 PM
Showing respect to those that have passed.
I would like to think that a successful Paranormal Investigation is not only based on how scientific or how sophisticated the tools we employ during field investigation are. I believe such success is also based on how much we understand the existence of the paranormal and how we accept their existence. Those tools are imbedded within our own personality. I believe spirits are human beings, who still retain their emotions and intelligence after death. Therefore, they still behave exactly like us, and like us, they would like respect from the living. As a Paranormal Investigator, I understand the concept of humility in relation to positive behavior – showing respect and reverence for the dead will always create positive energy, and in turn, will attract the Spirit to be involved in paranormal investigations. Nobody likes to be forced to do anything. Even in life, we don’t like someone to order us to do things in an offensive manner. Asking in a polite manner, I believe will always get a more positive response out of the listener and will definitely make them more apt to cooperate. We must remember that we are trying to build a relationship with these Spirits. I believe that if someone behaves in a hostile way by ordering the Spirit to appear, so that the spirit can be captured, then we should be prepared to feel the negative reaction of the spirit towards us or we suffer the failure of  success in the investigation. Nevertheless, the technology that we use during a Paranormal Investigation is not the most important thing that brings success, but a mere tool that helps us to document Spirit existence. I maintain and believe that the best attraction for spirits to participate in an investigation is by showing respect and reverence towards them. ~ Tracy

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