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"Pets" and the Parnormal

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 2:33 PM
Pets and the Paranormal   

378032 2639864128078 1599803336 2374030 1402911924 n I was thinking the other day, ( yeah I know it only happens every now and again) while watching "Maddie". She is the dog that is on the Ghost Hunters show. I would watch Maddie and then look at my four Yorkies and wonder if my dogs along with Maddie and other dogs really have some kind of extra sensory thing going on especially when it comes to sensing ghost and spirits. Now, I know that dogs especially are in tuned to a lot of things that we as humans are not.
 So to satisfy my curiosity I began to do some research.  

197175 1734825342674 1599803336 1624873 6267950 n Before I get started on the research, what is it that I already know particularly about my dogs, Their names are Elvis, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Ted E. Bear. (Priscilla and Lisa Marie are pictured to the left.) I know that Ted E. will go and sit by the front door right before the wife drives up in the drive way how does he know she is coming?. I know that all of them know when a bad storm is coming because they all act kind of weird. I know that Priscilla seems just to bark and stare at nothing. In Elvis's case I really don't think he cares to much about anything. Lisa Marie, Well I think she is just going do whatever the others are doing.

 I have read articles that talk about other people's pets letting them know when they are fixing to have an epileptic fit. I have read where peoples pets have alerted them right before an earthquake. So are these dogs just super dogs or do they possess some sort of natural ability to do this. I know you can train dogs to find drugs and bombs. I have even read about a Beagle that can find termites in your walls. (That is Elvis pictured below.) So what makes them have that ability?

 I believe that there is something to this. I believe that pets in general have the innate ability to see and hear and sense things we cannot. As a Paranormal Investigator I use tools such as an emf detectors, K-II meters, IR cameras, Digital recorders and Digital cameras to search and communicate with spirits and ghost. I think that dogs in particular have these type of things built in. The only thing that I am having trouble with is why can't all dogs find ghost or spirits.  I think that if they could then we would all have one or two on our Paranormal investigation teams. So if not all of them can do it, then what makes the ones that supposedly can do it, do it. 

 There have been some studies done concerning this theory. I have read some of them. The one thing in the studies that is pretty much the same is that the dogs that were tested were always given a reward for correctly sensing the electromagnetic current or field. So is it a matter of the dogs getting a reward that triggered this built in emf detector or was it something else. These studies never really gave a concise answer to if a dog can find ghost or not. I do know that If I hold some type of electronic device that gives off a pretty good emf field up to one of my dogs they bark at it. Do they bark at it because it's giving off a spike or is it because it some sort of strange object you putting in their face.

255079 1927119069897 1599803336 1883326 131011 a(This Is Ted E Bear to the left) 

I would love to be able to train my dogs on how to find spirits and ghost, but how do I do that. I have trained my dogs to sit , lay down, sit up, I even trained Ted E. to pull my finger, but training them to find ghost and spirits would seem almost impossible to me. It would not be because I think they are not capable of learning it, but I think it would be because of what we are asking them to find.
 As a Paranormal Investigator I know that not every emf spike, K-II hit, orb on a camera, shadow on a video, or sound on a digital recorder is a ghost or spirit, and if I know this, than how can I train the dog to find something that may not be there. I think that whatever kind of pet you may own, (except for of course cats because we all know that nobody owns a cat, they just grace us with their presents) you know when your pet is sick, you know when it is hungry, or even sad. Why do you know these thing. I think it is because you get an emotional bond with them and they speak to you even though they do not talk. 

 As I was saying earlier I do think that pets and animals have the ability to sense things that we as humans cannot. I do believe that they may really have the ability to show us where a spirit or ghost may be, but because the paranormal field is so questionable I do not have the proof that they can. I hope that one day the information that we all seek as Paranormal Investigators will answer this question. Thank you for reading ~Tracy  

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