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Emerald​ Coast  ​Paranormal Concepts E.C.P.C.


Indian Burial ground

Posted on March 12, 2013 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (0)
A client contacted us and asked if we would like to take a look see at a cemetery that was found by a local gent who was clearing his land and literally stumbled upon it. I know it sounds exciting, right? These folks also asked us to take a look at this other area, that is claimed to be an Indian Burial Mound. Now I am really excited. We set up the date to investigate these two places for last Sunday the 18th of Nov. Susan started to do some research into the cemetery and this mound, and was unable to find out anything about either one. This mound started to make me think. I got to wondering how the team was going to investigate it. My big concern was that if this is an actual burial mound how would we know for one, and two how would we communicate with these that are buried there. Susan called one of her dear friends. this friend, I would say, is the Wiki links of Indian culture. She explained to Susan on what to look for at this site in the way it was constructed. She thought that if it was a true mound then it probably belonged to the Creek Indians. Susan asked her friend about possibly communicating with them and how to go about doing so. Her friend suggested that we speak softly, slowly, and with our heads down as a sign of respect. Now where have I heard that before?. She suggested that we not be challenging in anyway. I asked Susan to ask her friend what she suggest about the language barrier. I don't know the Creek language. Her friend said just speak English it is not the language barrier that we need to worry about it is your  posture and the posture of the other team members. She said if there are spirits there and they wish to acknowledge themselves then they will as long as you have the proper both physical and mental posture. I told Susan that it makes plenty of sense to me. Sunday afternoon we packed up our gear to include our paranormal equipment plus some Indian ritual items and we headed out. We met up with the rest of the team and continued on. I guess the best way to describe how far off the beaten path these two places are I will ask you to think about the movie Deliverance, and yes, at one point I did hear banjos, and it was at this point that I was glad that I wore two pairs of pants. We finally arrived at the cemetery. What I saw was around 20 graves most were marked only by a large brick, no words, no dates, not anything. There were a few small concrete crypts and a couple of large ones that were broken, grass was going out of the broken pieces and cracks. There were two woodsmen of the world headstones there also. I looked upon this cemetery in amazement. It is truly lost to the forest. Before we started the investigation and while the others were taking pictures and such, I strolled around the cemetery speaking softly, and telling those who may be lost that I was there to try and help them with whatever need they may seem necessary. I offered my hand to hold, my shoulder to lean on, I offered to listen to every word they might have to say. I told them that I was sorry that they were left here in such a place that no one would come see them. I knelt down at one of the crypts and said I am here for you. I then went into a short explanation of what we were going do and some of the things they might see and hear. A few minutes later I walked back to the truck retrieved some of our gear and began. As we started there was a sense of calmness that seemed to come over the cemetery. That wasn't the case when we first got there. To me it seemed like a busy highway and then all of a sudden all the cars were gone. Maybe it was just my own excitement, when I first arrived that was making me feel the way I was, and now that I was a little more at ease the cemetery seemed more peaceful. We investigated for a couple of hours, but it was getting late in the day and I wanted to get to the burial mound before it got dark out. I decided to go ahead and call it, even though I hated to. I said aloud to those that may be listening but standing off in the distance that I appreciated their time and patients. I said again that I was sorry about the way they were left and told them that we would be back to chat with them again. We packed up our equipment and headed back the way we came until we came to a small truck path. We drove down the path till we came to a locked gate. Luckily the clients had a key. we drove on some more until we came to this deer stand. The clients said that we would have to walk from here. Let me now set this scene. It is dark, we are far back in the woods, it is hunting season and yup I think I heard those damn banjos again. I was not thinking so much about the mound any more, instead I found myself more concerned about Big Foot coming out of the woods looking for beef jerky. My fears were then added to by one of the clients walking over to me and telling me that just a few feet into the woods there sits two broken headstones. We walked over there and sure enough there they were. You can't read the writing on them anymore, but you can for sure tell the were headstones. Could somebody have just thrown them out because of whatever reason? who knows. The client then said that the mound was about 2 blocks into the woods, down this path. We gathered our equipment, pistol and Jerky and then started hiking. It is pretty dark now, you can't see anything without flashlight. We came to the end of the path and in front of us there was a shallow creek, you could see the bottom with your flashlight. The creek was still and not moving one bit. The client then told us and pointed out that right next to us is the burial mound.  I aimed my flash light over there and in fact saw a hill of some type. The client then went on about how a relative of theirs found a couple of arrow heads on top of that hill. They also found a bunch of animal bones. I have to be honest with you guys. I was excited about this mound but I also had my doubts about it. Those doubts are becoming reality for me as the evening goes on. Susan at this point started her investigation of the mound and found that this particular mound didn't not have any of the construction characteristics that a true burial mound should have, or at least should have as far as the Creek Indians are concerned. We decided to go ahead and continue with the investigation. After Susan and Jeff set out the equipment, they started trying to make contact, myself and Dee went on top of the mound to see if we could find something up there. We did not, as a matter of fact we walked probably about 300 yards and this mound stayed flat or even with the surrounding area. We walked back to where everyone else was and told them our findings. Together we decided to go ahead and continue to make a connection or contact just in case this was a real mound. We conducted ourselves as Susan's friend suggested, we spoke very softly and with reverence, we kept our heads down and our arms by our sides so not to strike a provocative pose. The investigation lasted a couple of hours with no visual responses. The only out of the ordinary thing I noticed about this place was the lack of sounds. What I mean by that is there were no animal sounds, no crickets, no bull frogs nothing. I would expect the hoot of an owl or something but there was nothing. So we packed our equipment up and headed back up the path to the truck. It is hard for me to believe that this mound is some type of burial mound. We live in an area where finding arrow heads is a rather common occurrence, and I am pretty sure that animals do pass away in the woods leaving behind their bones. This is a site that I would gladly return to only if it is during the day, so I can get a better overall look at things and after hunting season. I am going through the audio now and so far no results from either place. Thank you for taking the time to read about our latest adventure, you may now go and enjoy the last twinkie in the box.~ Tracy

Russ House

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:42 PM Comments comments (1)
577144 271038059665967 272801960 nOn March 3rd 2012, Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts conducted a paranormal investigation of the Russ House. The Russ house, which is now the home of the Marianna Chamber of Commerce, was built in 1895 by J.W. Russ, Jr. as a residence for him and his mother. Better known by locals as "The Big House" was home to 5 generations of Russ family members. The Russ House certainly has seen its share of tragedy over the years. There were scandals over marriages, a fortune lost in the great crash of 1929 and its builder, Joseph W. Russ, Jr., committed suicide in 1930, evidently despondent over the loss of the family fortune in the Great Depression. Former residents described mysterious sounds and unexplained sights in the house. One, in fact, recommended that Chamber of Commerce employees think twice about working alone in the house after dark! 

 The team arrived a little after 7 pm, we set up all the gear and started to investigate. During the evenings investigation there were some personal experiences, our K II Meters and MEL meters would light up like a Christmas tree. Over all it was a good night. After reviewing the evidence we captured on video the upstairs bathroom door opening up by itself, and we may have captured what seems like 2 shadows going down the stairs. We captured on a night vision camcorder the sound of footsteps. No one was in the house at this time. We also captured on the camcorder the lights blinking on and off and a voice that said "help" there were 3 of us that also heard this. We were able to capture on our digital recorders 10 solid EVP. There were actually quite a few more than that but after reviewing them again these 10 are the most unexplainable. 

 During the investigation I was overcome by the feeling of having to go into this one room. The room is now the large meeting room they have upstairs. Every time I would leave the room to go investigate another area of the house, I would feel like I had to go back into the meeting room. It was almost like the sense you get when you know that you left something somewhere. We did catch a couple of good EVP in the room. One that sounds like a growl. Even after we had left the house for the evening I still had this feeling that I needed to go back to that room. I felt that way all day Sunday-Tuesday. When I got up on Wednesday the feeling was gone. I really don't know what to make of that. So is the Russ House haunted? and by whom? At this point I would say that the house is not haunted, but I think is being occupied by a female and a male. We were unable to decipher from our evidence any sort of name. I think the male that is here could possibly be a soldier. I say this because of a response we got during and EVP session. There is one thing about this though. The battle of Marianna happened in Sept. 1864. That was 31 years before the house was built. Could this spirit have died during the battle and was stirred up while the house was being built? That is a question I would also like to know.  The female spirit would not give us any information but we heard her speaking on one of our recorders. I don't think anything in the house is evil. I believe that whoever is there is comfortable with their surroundings and does not mind visitors who come in to the house late at night to chat and ask questions. It was our honor to investigate the Russ house, and it was a privilege to sit down and talk to with the spirits that reside in the Russ House. I am so looking forward to the chance to sit with them 

Russ House

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:39 PM Comments comments (1)
100Years2 thumb[1]On March 3rd, 2012 Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts conducted a paranormal investigation of the Russ House. During our investigation we had some personal experiences. Some of the team heard voices, while other got weird feelings of someone being behind them and being watched. At this we have started the review of all the evidence. This process will take a little while due to the fact that we had 5 digital recorder set out and they each recorded for a little over 6 hours of audio. We had 6 video cameras set out. each of these capturing 6 hours of video. We have a total of 66 hours of audio and video to review. This review should take approximately a week to review. Once the review is done I will assemble the team and then we as a team will look at the possible evidence that we caught. We as a team will then decide what is actual evidence to show. We have to by the saying when it doubt we have to throw it out. Once we get everything done I will contact the Chamber and set up a date and time in which we can show them our evidence. Our team would like the Thank the Marianna chamber of Commerce, for allowing us the opportunity to investigate the Russ House. We also hope that you will allow us to continue our research into the paranormal by coming back and investigating again. Mary and Art you guys are the best host. 

Cemetery Investigation

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (2)
I have a scenario for you all. 

I would love to read any insights you may have of this. If you know of some place where I can read about this please let me know. We went to a local cemetery. We have been to this cemetery many times in the past. While we were there a couple of team members from another team claimed to have some interaction with a 6 month old boy. Now we have had some interaction with a what could possibly be a child there before., but not at this particular area. Here is my dilemma. I find it difficult to understand that a child of 6 months old would have the ability to communicate with us in such a way as it was doing. The team members did ask the spirit by name, by this I mean they used the name on the head stone, to complete a task and according to the team member, the task was completed. They asked for this child to spin a pinwheel. 

  I am looking for opinions on this matter. Is it possible for a 6 month old child spirit to communicate with us. I don't know for sure because I can't remember that far back exactly what a 6 month old child can actually do in life. If there is any information that might help me understand this please let me know. Thank you so much ~ Tracy  

St. George Island Light house

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:21 PM Comments comments (99)
st-george-lighthouse-twilight-051210a-copyE.C.P.C. Is going to investigate the St. George Light house on St. George Island. A little history on the place first. This light house has been around since 1833. This light house is a  veteran of hurricanes, wars, and erosion. It has been moved numerous times until 2008 were it was rebuilt at its current location. The Keepers quarters were rebuilt using the original plans, but with all new material. Inside the keepers quarters is a museum for relics that were in the light house throughout the years. The light house itself was rebuilt using all the old bricks from the original light house. We were able to do an afterhours walk through with one of the curators. There has been only one report of anything paranormal at the light house and the one claim is that you can hear keys jingle in the light house. There was an accidental death back years ago when the light house was at a different location. One of the keepers was hanging of the side painting it when he fell to his death. One of the other keepers committed suicide there when the light house was on little George island back in the early 1900's. When we took out our Mel meter and K-II there was an instant reading on the K-II, the emf was high everywhere even outside. There are a bunch of power lines that are right in front of the light house. I would ask them to turn them off but that would kill power to the whole island. So I reckon our meters are going to be not so use full. We are going to investigate old school. So I am looking for some old school ways to investigate. ~Tracy