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Emerald​ Coast  ​Paranormal Concepts E.C.P.C.


Sticking together

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)
I still believe today as I always have that it is going to take all of us as one, to get the answers we seek. Rather it is in a picture, a video, or just an experience. If you think differently than fine don't get on the band wagon. It really chaps my donkey to see other teams attempting to go alone on this adventure and not even realizing how much further they could get with the help from others. Oh well I guess I am just venting. I do know that each of us and our teams go out on our adventures alone. Just like these other teams. I think the real big difference is the support they have behind them that is not there with them. I guess all I can say is "Come on people" we need to stick together. ~ Tracy

Colorado Shooting

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:06 PM Comments comments (1)
aurora-colorado-batman-shooting-in-memoriumI really have to rant about this awful tragedy that occurred in Colorado. First, I want to say that this doc. is by no means inspired by politics. I wish this never would have happen. I have been listening to the news coverage from the major networks about this tragedy since it happened. It amazes me how within a couple of hours of this event the news seemed as if they were more concerned about what talk radio host this James Holmes listened to. Are you kidding me. Who gives a rats ass about who he listened to and then they started talking about Obama and Romney and how they decide to cancel their events for the day. WTF....... I have to calm down. Breath in, Breath out. 

 Ok. I am not a gun "fanatic". I do own a gun and often carry it. I carry it for the protection of myself, my wife, and my team, when we are out investigating. I was a cop for many years and when I hear from these new channels that maybe all it would have took is for one person to have a gun in that theater then maybe this could have been stopped. I think at that time they were trying to prove some point on Colorado's gun laws. I do know that their gun laws are pretty relaxed. However, Holmes purchased these weapons legally. Model 870 shotgun, I can get here at Walmart along with this Ar15 which is what they are calling an assault rifle, I would actually call any rifle used in bodily harm an assault rifle. Then he had 2 pistol's also bought legally. So please news people get off that kick. I have been in chaotic situations and I think that even if there was somebody in that particular theater with a pistol the awful outcome would have been the same. I can only speak of what I think, I know of past events that have occurred while being a cop. I will say this when there is that much madness and confusion the last thing on anyone's mind would be to pull out the pistol they have and try and take the guy out. So again get off it. Maybe you should not talk about it at all. How about getting your F****ing microphone out of these people's face and let them alone so they can come to some sort of terms with this. What they need to know is that we are all praying for them. We are all devastated about this. Most of all they are not alone. OH wait I think Obama just stubbed his toe why don't you go cover that and leave these people alone. 

 James Holmes, a graduate student from San Diego who was in the process of withdrawing from the neuroscience program at the University of Colorado-Denver medical school. He only had 1 traffic violation ever. I think he really has some issues, but what is going to get me is how much time the State of Colorado is going to spend on Holmes to see if he is actually (to use a medical term) "bonkers". I say forgo with these test, convict him of his crimes and let us move on in helping these families. The way I figure it is this If you have enough sense about you to booby trap you apartment, and you have enough sense about you to plan this for two weeks then you can and should be found sane and be held accountable for the lives you took and injured.~ Tracy  

To the Non Believers

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 9:28 PM Comments comments (1)

I believe that many things in the Paranormal field exist. It amazes me how laughable the subject can be when you bring it up in front of non-believers. I think some people laugh at this subject because they are not mindful enough to realize that there is more to nature than our own universal accepted laws or they may be fearful so they just laugh at it rather than acknowledge it. People ask me often do spirits still walk the earth,? I usually tell them that Spirits do not "walk the earth". They have better things to do than to hang around watching people doing mundane things like yourself. They will however come to join us when there is a reason for them to do so, like their wish to contact us or bring a message, or simply be heard. They will join us when we show them the compassion that they perhaps once felt and are in need of it again. I will also tell these non-believers that they should remember this conversation for one day they themselves may need to pass along a message or they may be in need of a little compassion themselves, and if it wasn't for us believers there would be no one there to hear your voice or give you the love you so desperately miss. ~ Tracy

Showing respect to those that have passed.

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 9:24 PM Comments comments (1)
Showing respect to those that have passed.
I would like to think that a successful Paranormal Investigation is not only based on how scientific or how sophisticated the tools we employ during field investigation are. I believe such success is also based on how much we understand the existence of the paranormal and how we accept their existence. Those tools are imbedded within our own personality. I believe spirits are human beings, who still retain their emotions and intelligence after death. Therefore, they still behave exactly like us, and like us, they would like respect from the living. As a Paranormal Investigator, I understand the concept of humility in relation to positive behavior – showing respect and reverence for the dead will always create positive energy, and in turn, will attract the Spirit to be involved in paranormal investigations. Nobody likes to be forced to do anything. Even in life, we don’t like someone to order us to do things in an offensive manner. Asking in a polite manner, I believe will always get a more positive response out of the listener and will definitely make them more apt to cooperate. We must remember that we are trying to build a relationship with these Spirits. I believe that if someone behaves in a hostile way by ordering the Spirit to appear, so that the spirit can be captured, then we should be prepared to feel the negative reaction of the spirit towards us or we suffer the failure of  success in the investigation. Nevertheless, the technology that we use during a Paranormal Investigation is not the most important thing that brings success, but a mere tool that helps us to document Spirit existence. I maintain and believe that the best attraction for spirits to participate in an investigation is by showing respect and reverence towards them. ~ Tracy

Thought Forms

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 9:16 PM Comments comments (0)
My personal opinion on Thought Forms, in no way does my opinion reflect the opinion of the individuals on the E.C.P.C. Team. 
I believe that in some/not all cases, the human mind is capable of producing Thought Forms. I have come to this conclusion by reading as much as I can about how the human brain works, hauntings, possessions, ESP, Prophets, self healing, articles on Thought Forms, working with people etc. E.C.P. C. has been contacted numerous times by people that believe they have a Spirit in their home or work place, friendly or not that they are trying to deal with. Often, it involves children talking to someone they can’t see, shadows seen out of the corner of their eye, objects moves on their own and so on. I can never dismiss their claims because I do believe that we, as intelligent humans, are capable of matrixing these entities, positive or negative. I also feel the same holds true for a location that is frequently investigated by Ghost Hunters and or Paranormal Investigators. The more energy exerted into making contact, the more the energy feeds itself. I believe that the mind can sub concisely produce so much emotional energy that it becomes very real. I do not dismiss these people as crazy or making it up for attention. I totally believe them when they explain their personal experiences to me. 
Personally, I always go to a location with an open mind. I really don’t want to know what was experienced at a location. I want to have my own experience, review evidence and draw my own conclusions. Whether it be real or not, it is not my place to dispute a persons claims. Whatever it takes to give someone peace of mind, is what I want to do, I can cleanse a house, confirm we did or did not capture audio or video evidence, or just let them know what they are experiencing is not harmful and how to deal with what they are experiencing. I do believe that paranormal activity is very real, whether it is an entity that has a reason to stay behind long after they have passed beyond this world, or whether we created it with or in our minds. I have had way too many personal encounters to believe otherwise. Something to think about. ~ susan


Posted on January 30, 2012 at 1:18 PM Comments comments (0)


   I have a friend named Gary. He is the founder of PRG of Utah. This is a renown Paranormal Investigation team out of Utah. Gary wrote the other day a blog about darkness. You can read it on their web site. A couple of days ago I found myself sitting alone in a dark place such as Gary describes in his blog. I started to think about the darkness I was now in. When I first sat down I put my arms across my knees and put my head down and just listened. All the equipment I had on me to investigate this place was turned off. I sat there for a few minutes in the silence and found myself getting a little scared. I thought to myself why are you feeling afraid? Was it because I could not see and the only thing I could hear was blank sound of the darkness. I think because of the absents of both light and sound, my mind started to panic because it could not make sense of what was happening and in turn I got this feeling of fear. I am not normally afraid of the dark. I think also that not being able to see or hear anything, plus knowing that I was there to investigate this place for Paranormal activity added to my feeling of fear.
 I sat there and started to think about Gary's post and started to see, and realize that there is really more to the dark than just what I couldn't see or hear. I started to hear people carrying on day to day business in this place, I started to hear children playing and laughing as if they did not have a care in the world. I started to see the way the mason placed the bricks into the foundation and I saw the way the carpenter placed down the wood floor. So what was this I was seeing and hearing? Was the spirits of people lost or just my mind playing tricks on me. I believe that I opened my mind up and started to see the history of this place. I really wasn't seeing or hearing actual people from the past. It was at that time I found myself not being afraid anymore but instead I was intrigued. I reached into my vest and pulled out the equipment that I brought and started to investigate. I found that by just sitting there and listening and seeing beyond the darkness, I was able to free myself from the boundaries of it. We being  Paranormal Investigators, must  learn to really see, hear, and feel beyond what was really in this darkness that we often find ourselves in, for it can only make us better Investigators. ~ Tracy "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~Helen Keller

Equipment thoughts

Posted on January 24, 2012 at 1:54 PM Comments comments (77)

Before I start this blog I want to ask all you Paranormal ninjas a question. 

thumbnailWho do you think was the first person to hear and EVP? I think the answer is Thomas Watson. Watson was the one who heard "Watson come here I need you on Bell's telephone machine.

 It seems like it is almost monthly that a new piece of equipment comes out that it is a must have for Investigation teams. I see these items on the various paranormal equipment sites and wonder which of the TV ghost hunting shows will be the first to preview this item, which in turn will make it a must have item.

thumbnail (2) According to the "world wide web" the earliest formal examination into apparitions and haunting began in the mid 19th century primarily in England. One of the first groups formed in Western society was the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) which was founded in London, England in the late 1880s (which still exist today). The founders of the SPR, the first organization to undertake the controlled study of the subject, began their investigation with data collection. They analyzed an enormous amount of material, mainly relating to crisis apparitions (reports of interactions from people dying or in life-threatening situations). One of the most important results of these early investigations was the book Phantasms of the Living, by Edmund Gurney, Frederic Myers and Frank Podmore, published in 1886. It presented several hundreds of thoroughly researched cases. The addition of carefully investigated first-hand testimonies and experimental results provided a body of evidence which is difficult to dismiss. Their main "tools" at the time were mostly séances and psychics. They often used a still camera to document the events.

thumbnail (1) We have come a long way since then, I mean a long way. As paranormal investigators we use equipment such as digital cameras, digital recorders, laser grids, night vision cameras, and emf detectors. I am sure that there are a lot more pieces of equipment out there that other investigators use. So do we really need to have all this "high Tech" stuff to complete a paranormal investigation. I know that we use this equipment mostly to document activity when it happens and to speak with entities and spirits. This documentation helps us to explain activity to whomever we need to. 

 If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? I think the same would go for paranormal investigations. If you go into an investigation with no equipment, except for a pad of paper, and a pencil to write down any events that may happen and then produce that evidence to somebody would they think you had caught activity. Just because you didn't record it on a video or audio recorder does not mean you did see or hear or feel something. Do we depend on our equipment to much? I think we do sometimes. I think that sometimes we depend on it so much we lose sight of the overall picture of the investigation. I really do believe that the best equipment that you could ever have as a paranormal investigator is the one between your ears. Especially because you don't have to put batteries in it. Don't lose sight of the big picture and always remember the reason you became a Paranormal Investigator. ~Tracy

What Are Shadow People

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Shadow Figure or Shadow Person.
 What are they?  

MrB.cr2 During an investigation, have you ever caught a glimpse of some type of dark figure out of the corner of your eye?  This could be what is called a "shadow figure" or person.  Some say that these figures are spirits or ghost of people who have died, but have not yet crossed over.  Others say that they are just lost souls that remain wandering the earth.  Still others say that they are evil and demons, and then there are the skeptics that say it's just a figment of our imagination.  Maybe they are from another dimension coming to take a peek at what we humans are doing. With all the ghost hunter TV shows, horror movies, and stories of ghosts, spirits and the like, it's hard to say if they are real or not.  I myself have even caught a glimpse of a dark figure that stood behind me, only to have it disappear just as fast.  So, was the dark figure a shadow person or just a figment of my imagination?  I don't know for sure.   

As a Paranormal Investigator, I often wonder what a shadow person could possibly want and why they watch us.  I think they are trying to re-establish a time when they were alive or maybe they don't know their gone and I often feel like I am invading their space.   Reports of shadow people sightings regularly come from all around the globe.  Despite the fact that these sightings date as far back as ancient times, there is not much known about this phenomena.   The following information I think we know about this phenomena, even though it has not been proven. 
Alcatraz Ghost PhotoThe Look of A Shadow Person:

Few people report being able to view shadow people straight on.  Usually they are seen in one's peripheral vision.  However, there have been a few reports of people having these shadowy figures walk directly in front of them and interact with them.  There have been many different reports as to their size.  Everything from very small, to larger than a person.  One report that remains a standard is that they have no visible facial features.  Some photographs show shadow people that appear to be clothed in a hooded robe or coat, and in others, they do not appear to be wearing anything. 
 The Characteristics of Shadow People:

The general consensus is that they are mean in nature.  Shadow people sightings are regularly coupled with a feeling of fear and uneasiness.  Additionally, some people have reported feeling extreme anger, agitation, and upset.  Because of the negative associations, many believe that they might be demonic in nature.  None of these characteristics have actually been proven.  I personally think that if you are having these kind of feelings then it is because of the actual feeling you got by either the surprise of seeing a shadow person or because it scared you.  I personally don't think that they are evil or demonic in nature at all.  I think they just have such an emotional attachment to the area that they can't move on.  
Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Most believe that they are not.  This is because their actions differ greatly.  Many ghosts freely make themselves known when possible, while shadow people hang around in the corners and seem to wish not to be seen at all.  This is quite clear due not only to the sighting reports, but also the photographs they are captured in.  Most ghost sightings are connected with either an image of a person, or at the very least, the feeling that the spirit trying to make contact was once human in appearance.  This isn't at all what people say about shadow people.  This could simply be the human opinion that is based on the alarming appearance Shadow People project.  It is natural for people to view a dark figure as something that is not ghostly, especially since the bulk of ghost sighting reports are linked to white, glowing figures?

ghost-shadow-in-doorwaySo what are they then?

 I simply do not know.  While they are certainly here for some reason or another, apparently, they do not want or can, make these reasons known or clear to us. As a Paranormal Investigator I will leave all my options open when it comes to shadow people.  I do think that I would classify these shadow people as ghost and spirits. I don't think that every shadow captured in a picture or video is a shadow person.  I will leave it up to the ghost or spirit. I think when they decide to let us know the answers, they will tell us, but until then I will continue on in my search for the truth. ~ Tracy

"Pets" and the Parnormal

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 2:33 PM Comments comments (99)
Pets and the Paranormal   

378032 2639864128078 1599803336 2374030 1402911924 n I was thinking the other day, ( yeah I know it only happens every now and again) while watching "Maddie". She is the dog that is on the Ghost Hunters show. I would watch Maddie and then look at my four Yorkies and wonder if my dogs along with Maddie and other dogs really have some kind of extra sensory thing going on especially when it comes to sensing ghost and spirits. Now, I know that dogs especially are in tuned to a lot of things that we as humans are not.
 So to satisfy my curiosity I began to do some research.  

197175 1734825342674 1599803336 1624873 6267950 n Before I get started on the research, what is it that I already know particularly about my dogs, Their names are Elvis, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Ted E. Bear. (Priscilla and Lisa Marie are pictured to the left.) I know that Ted E. will go and sit by the front door right before the wife drives up in the drive way how does he know she is coming?. I know that all of them know when a bad storm is coming because they all act kind of weird. I know that Priscilla seems just to bark and stare at nothing. In Elvis's case I really don't think he cares to much about anything. Lisa Marie, Well I think she is just going do whatever the others are doing.

 I have read articles that talk about other people's pets letting them know when they are fixing to have an epileptic fit. I have read where peoples pets have alerted them right before an earthquake. So are these dogs just super dogs or do they possess some sort of natural ability to do this. I know you can train dogs to find drugs and bombs. I have even read about a Beagle that can find termites in your walls. (That is Elvis pictured below.) So what makes them have that ability?

 I believe that there is something to this. I believe that pets in general have the innate ability to see and hear and sense things we cannot. As a Paranormal Investigator I use tools such as an emf detectors, K-II meters, IR cameras, Digital recorders and Digital cameras to search and communicate with spirits and ghost. I think that dogs in particular have these type of things built in. The only thing that I am having trouble with is why can't all dogs find ghost or spirits.  I think that if they could then we would all have one or two on our Paranormal investigation teams. So if not all of them can do it, then what makes the ones that supposedly can do it, do it. 

 There have been some studies done concerning this theory. I have read some of them. The one thing in the studies that is pretty much the same is that the dogs that were tested were always given a reward for correctly sensing the electromagnetic current or field. So is it a matter of the dogs getting a reward that triggered this built in emf detector or was it something else. These studies never really gave a concise answer to if a dog can find ghost or not. I do know that If I hold some type of electronic device that gives off a pretty good emf field up to one of my dogs they bark at it. Do they bark at it because it's giving off a spike or is it because it some sort of strange object you putting in their face.

255079 1927119069897 1599803336 1883326 131011 a(This Is Ted E Bear to the left) 

I would love to be able to train my dogs on how to find spirits and ghost, but how do I do that. I have trained my dogs to sit , lay down, sit up, I even trained Ted E. to pull my finger, but training them to find ghost and spirits would seem almost impossible to me. It would not be because I think they are not capable of learning it, but I think it would be because of what we are asking them to find.
 As a Paranormal Investigator I know that not every emf spike, K-II hit, orb on a camera, shadow on a video, or sound on a digital recorder is a ghost or spirit, and if I know this, than how can I train the dog to find something that may not be there. I think that whatever kind of pet you may own, (except for of course cats because we all know that nobody owns a cat, they just grace us with their presents) you know when your pet is sick, you know when it is hungry, or even sad. Why do you know these thing. I think it is because you get an emotional bond with them and they speak to you even though they do not talk. 

 As I was saying earlier I do think that pets and animals have the ability to sense things that we as humans cannot. I do believe that they may really have the ability to show us where a spirit or ghost may be, but because the paranormal field is so questionable I do not have the proof that they can. I hope that one day the information that we all seek as Paranormal Investigators will answer this question. Thank you for reading ~Tracy  

"Orbs" What are They?

Posted on January 13, 2012 at 3:32 PM Comments comments (168)
DSCN2637  I have been asked more than once about the "Orb" phenomena. I have been asked to look at pictures to determine if the spot is an orb or a piece of dust. As a paranormal investigator it is difficult sometimes to determine what is dust and what is a spirit. No one truly knows what orbs are.  "Orbs" can appear in many different shapes and colors, with white orbs being the most common. As a Paranormal Investigator I do believe that some of these orbs are the lingering energy from the deceased and gone. I also know that not all "orbs" that appear in photographs are paranormal.  In my experience, many of the orbs that appear in photographs can be explained by the flash reflecting off dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera. I think that seeing "orbs" with your own eyes and in person is far more credible and harder to debunk than catching them in photos or video. If you see a bright, glowing orb with your own eyes, and you get an EVP along with it then there's a good chance that it may be paranormal. As a Paranormal Investigator I must be very cautious when classifying orbs in photographs as paranormal – it's simply too easy for the "orbs" in a photograph to be caused by dust or moisture, reflecting off the camera lens (or the flash). 

  Another question I often get asked about these "orbs" is what do the different colors mean. I have researched this a bit and have found that there are several different theories that may explain the color differences. The two main theories are listed a below. 

DSCN2642 Theory #1 – Color difference in orbs is caused by "chromatic distortion" which is a fancy way of saying that our eyes perceive different wavelengths and shapes as varying colors.  If a particle happens to be of a certain makeup or shape, it will tend to absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, thus giving the perception of a certain color. The makeup of the orb could also cause it to be a certain color. Dust and water droplets can have various colors. 

DSCN2643 Theory #2 – Some Paranormal investigators believe that color in an orb is caused by the spirits energy. For example they believe that red orb represents a spirit who is angry or is in need of healing. Others believe that red is a color associated with an energy that seems to be on guard often watching over a last outpost, or a loved one who has passed. This theory is still in a very experimental stage, yet it does to prove very fascinating in cases where previous knowledge of the spirit is available and known. I don't believe that there is evidence to suggest that red orbs are harmful or more negative than white orbs. The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit's energy at the time of his death—or the color may be caused by the shape/frequency of the orb (wavelength theory #1). There is actually a chart that someone has put together that shows the color of the "orb" at what that particular color means. You can find this on the last page of this.

  So as Paranormal Investigators what do we do with these two theories. I think as an investigator we need to hold both theories as possibilities. I think it is in our best interest to also share these theories with other team members. During an investigation and it starts to rain then we will know that most of the orbs that were caught will fall under theory 1. If we are investigating a house or an old building and you notice that every time the air comes on or you take a step there is dust that get stirred up then again this will fall under theory 1. So how do we apply theory 2? I believe that while on an investigation and all of the natural obstacles have been pointed out and noted then we could maybe apply theory 2. If we know that the spirit was an angry or short tempered person when he lived then catching a red orb in a photo could have validity. 

  I personally think that there is something to this orb phenomena. I am not to yet convinced about the color identification/classification of them. I really have a few of my own theories. It could be that this is the only way that this particular spirit can manifest and there is no reason for the color. Maybe these orbs are just a phase in which these spirits have to take prior to moving on. What if the color of the orb was determined by situation surrounding it, If an investigator is angry about something could the orb pick up this negative energy a become red in color? It could be as easy as it's the best way for them to move around. There always seems to be more questions than answers when it comes to the paranormal field. I don't know about anyone else but that is why I became a Paranormal Investigator. I want to find the answers others fear.    

Scarlet Red - overinflated ego, strong willpower, survival oriented, realistic
 Deep Red - Short-tempered Vermillion - creative, powerful, energetic, competitive, passionate 
 Light Pink - true love, sensitive, compassionate, affectionate 
 Salmon Pink - immature, dishonest 
 Orange-Red- confident 
 Orange - strong motivation, healthy, adventurous, courageous, outgoing
 Peach - caring communicator 
 Amber - strong and courageous Orange-
Yellow - optimistic, scientific, intelligent, perfectionist 
 Pale Yellow - shyness, optimistic, hopeful 
 Lemon Yellow - strength of direction, fearful of loss
 Buttercup - focused on a course of action (determined), inspired
 Mustard - manipulative, overly analytical, making up for lost time 
 Gold- higher level of consciousness, wise, protective, enlightened
 Apple Green - friendly, communicative 
 Yellow-Green - liar, cheater 
 Olive Green - scrooge Emerald 
Green - healer, love-centered person, teacher 
 Forest Green - jealous, low self-esteem, overly sensitive 
 Turquoise - therapist, communicative, sensitive 
 Sky Blue - strong instinct, intuitive, peaceful, truthful 
 Cobalt Blue - intuitive in a higher dimension Royal Blue - knows their chosen path, generous, highly spiritual 
 Navy Blue - shyness, slow yet safe and sure, fearful of truth and being oneself
 Indigo - strong psychic ability, intuitive, deep-feeling 
 Lavender - daydreamer, visionary 
 Violet - sensitive, wise, intuitive, idealistic 
 Grape - laziness Mauve - humble 
 White - pure, transcendent, often a new undesignated energy
 Silver - linked to spiritual realm, spiritual and physical abundance, nurturing
 Gray - feeling trapped Payne's 
Gray - depressed, fearful 
 Black- tortured, abused, unreleased grief 
 Raw Sienna - poor thinking processes, insecure, stressed 
 Chocolate Brown - environmentalist, common sense